The Surfeit

by Svlphvrvs

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released May 21, 2016

Written, performed and produced by Svlphvrvs | Jason Goldberg: bass, vox, lyrics | Jon Slusher: guitar and vox | Jim Staffel: drums
Recorded and mixed by Mike Corcoran at Legendary Recorders Chicago between November 2015 and January 2016
Mastered by Colin Jordan at Boiler Room Chicago



all rights reserved


Svlphvrvs Chicago, Illinois

Svlphvrvs is that near helpless reaction, within the woeful parameters of our social confines, to the endless and appalling stream of misfortunes we're forced to endure or witness, directly or indirectly. Our plethora of deplorable vignettes about some heinous shit is what occurred, in lieu of something much worse, though regrettable in itself, when nothing else could be done. ... more


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Track Name: The Surfeit
To rot and lie stinking up the fucking earth before you even die | hunting through the drive thru to acquire yer surfeit | yer bow and arrow is now yer car with a plumage of exhaust fumes | you drank the pranks of mountebanks | yer charcoal pump is salted to taste | yer god has served you but now it’s time to pay the tab | pills and diets | yer children become you | bred into entitlement | two week trips and whitening strips have become yer keynotes | the cargo truck is stuck in yer throat and needs to be towed out | the limbo stick has reached new heights why bend yerself backward | I'll fist your throat and plumb your guts and sink you in yer fucking mote | the valor of age surrounds you with gravity | your longevity, it haunts you | wading through pain to shores of entitlement to more...
Track Name: Perverse Ain't the Word
Hardwired into the clock’s ticking fate | lost in red tape | hard the grind teased the feed | the falling of trees | conservation is reduced to excess | to us this makes sense | resource fades heroes paid | and the film’s a success | and perverse ain’t the word | I want out yesterday | change is just...just a word | spun around on an amateur's wheel | and his jaws nip yer heels | axe to grind bills to pay | no one else feels | you rely on what you hate but can’t comprehend |until it’s on your doorstep but not brought up to respect | here’s wishing you on the news
Track Name: Sequestered Days (moonlight requisition)
Yer fall is yer rise | prideful and condemned | sink into yer gain | big centralized bang | fill in our eyes | become us and enslave the time | slice, alter rhyme, christ evaginate | restraint at random | evaginate | the fall is the rise | prideful and condemned | sink into yer gain | big centralized bang | dissolve our minds | involuntary, deliberate | don’t recollect me anyway | us bringers of light | creators of pain | so who’s to blame or what
Track Name: Chaos and Guilt
Self diagnosed with what’s hip | on the tube from the pharmacy’s lips | what will it be tonight when the sun is down | a pill for the pain or the ghosts when they make their rounds | imperfection self-dissection deprivation stupid nation | fad starvation binge elation mass consumption consummation | crazed temptation apprehension trepidation job related | the perfect combination for yer destruction is chaos and guilt | walled in a room by yerself | cuticles shorn on the shelf | a warm fireplace in yer eyes reflects the prize | the reps smile wide and hang the carrot on the carriage ride | funny how yer armchair becomes the maelstrom | disorders are made to order courtesy of yer nation | providing a solution for the problem they created | fabricated symbiosis ain’t no love or give and take | yer dependent | they only take
Track Name: Cows and You
Head high, ignoring the ground somehow the crown stays on | self large, creating yer part in the transparent farce | anti, foolin yerself goin up against the grain | spinning around feeding yer clogged up system | cows and you, thrive on antibiotic food | strive, impervious to pain | rank, toiling in vain | trapped inside nth applications | voluntary incarceration | social segregate, fake ass democrat | bacon bit lemongrass | zealot bred, privileged mess | individuality, an apparition in yer dreams | regurgitated branding scheme | an ornate twig is not a tree | habit forming garbage fiend, void of any offering | I’m not here...not here for you, repulsed by you | go around you, you and your mess | yer still spinning around feeding yerself
Track Name: Torn From the Future (a family story)
From the back of the photograph you emerge, vexed and begrudged | you disappeared in the lake | I turned to see not even a wake | can't accept that yer gone | mutually, we’ll commence the haunt | but I ID’d yer body, distended with yearning | and from the corners of the video you tell me yer coming back | manipulate for the sake of memory| legitimize the pain | we'll assure the past repeats | mutually we'll remain extant until we find the proof of, the spoof of, the untruths revealed | yet you encountered yer own wraith in the field | standing bloated before you | telling you yer goin' down and to bury yer belongings now | dis-affirmed or embraced the fishermen find you either way
Track Name: Adoration
Anti former | anti future racket | present minded | access self-hood | focus | gonna get bad the admen say | these words remain, remain yer hell | now you just plan and deliberate | never mind here, never mind now | steeped in career | anti former | anti future racket | present minded | achieve oneness | enjoy | bury your sword but persist in strife | soldiering on through stagnant life | grappling up the promised rungs | rote and maintained, vanilla sustained | subscriber of fear | burnt from a lifetime of… | savings long since raped | played the fool, psyched away | fade into two more years…
Track Name: Pazuzu's Sow
Claimed now, Pazuzu’s sow | restrained and befouled | burnt with across | give us time, let her die, nowonmai | excrement runs down (the leg), fallen sacrament | ordained now, Pazuzu’s sow | black breath slays the calm | goat sound, horse sound echo through the mind | room frozen in time | bovine | broken hymen | hiss at the crucifix
Track Name: Anxious West
Dead of night comes the call | waking, fainting | orders upon orders but there’s nothing that we can’t have | touch screen or swipe, net child | the bodies fly out of windows | they can’t step outside | I can’t rest my eyes | I am busy shopping and there’s nothing that we can’t have | dead of night comes the call | the bodies fly out of windows | I can’t rest my eyes | nothing we can’t have | busy shopping | touch screen, swipe, net child
Track Name: Mother Pile
Under the pile of the world into which yer thrown | no longer Mother Nature, that’s the maiden name you know it | beget by whom | called by her proper name its Mother Pile, you’ll supply her | debased is the brine and sodden in wine, its defiling time, it’s… | roll over swine light a smoke wipe yer thigh its defiling time, you stuck your dick in Mother Pile | with luck you’d escape and be forgiven in another world | but you can't so you won’t and yer god is in line to fuck her too | beget by whom | stare in dismay if yer alive into ravished eyes | debased is the brine and sodden in wine, its defiling time, it’s… | roll over swine light a smoke wipe yer thigh, its defiling time, you stuck yer dick in one too many times | under the pile of the world into which yer thrown | no longer Mother Nature, that’s the maiden name you know it | beget by whom | called by yer proper name she’s comin’ back dead sure to fuck ya too
Track Name: The New Family (code R.E.D.)
There’s a void in the blood | a bridge burned at length | a segregate kin | a generation’s cryptic rift | futile communication | totally flat reception | senseless conversation | exponential tension | fold | crack | repression code | escapist mode | displacement
Track Name: I Wanna Be Rewarded For Who I Am
What’s this you ask | it’s as you wished | all but destitute | still loyal to what mocks you | car seat work seat car seat couch | mass appeal clapping seals | entertained and essence drained | bleeding tube feeding tube | I wanna be rewarded for who I am | fiction heroes' faux revolt | show you how it’s done | don’t get up they already won | money sucked and yer sitch fucked | pay to pray and pray to pay | is this possible to exist | it is when it’s voted in
Track Name: Disbelief
The acts are insane, from either side of the game | everyone is in the fight | with the certainty of what’s right | blown, the doors and heads of the weak | blown | thrown, the tiny hands, elder feet | thrown in disbelief | dis…the foreign face on the screen | humanity | ...lief…for what you stand can’t be wrong, it can’t be wrong | in disbelief | gone, what was next door for so long | gone | beat, after disaster despair | they’re wrong | and tolerance drops a point | no move toward change | persist in blame | inaction is lame | how can they/we do that | everyone wants the same in a different way | cornered in ideals | depleted and drained solutions | disbelief
Track Name: Micro Aggressor
Micro aggressor | non-native but self-entitled | a citadel’s mindset | moved and plotted and most foreign out of anyone | micro aggressor | your fear and your hate keep you right | propaganda and institutions keep you right
Track Name: Pedophile Immolation
Embedded in the culture | one that deliberates | a repressed culture that benefits the sick | pedophile, suck off this flamethrower | too taboo? and eradicate yer bloodline too | ad agencies, they taught you how to chase your youth | dress ‘em up, dress ‘em up so that they look like you | not so cute when they put yer burnt face on the news | not so cute, pedophile immolation | systems set in place meant to exploit our youth | cheated out of education or a normal life | thrown on stage to perform a dance for Belial | covered up to protect the billions in careers | played the pawn like a soldier in a losing war | once it’s done, never undone, never righted | purify the culture | one that premeditates | immolate the bloodline for the children’s sake
Track Name: Runoff
Ingest, digest lies | progress, regress time | comfort hiding crime | processed | runoff | run off | runoff gene seed | contaminated feed | plowed off your feet | mutant lawsuit weed | Monsanto’s greed | all want no need | suck the witch’s teat | lick the the He-Goat’s hole | comfort hiding crime | processed | run off
Track Name: Bonnacon
Right at first glance the Bonnacon might look like a bull except for its mane and horns that curl in, in such a way that’s decorative, but not for defense | but no one mistakes the stench and the broad efficacy of its defense | Bonnacon - the horrible, expelling, sulfurous Bonnacon | CH4 | as it will flee from its pursuit, beginning to fart creating a fecal explosion that sprays across the land | burns everything that’s in its path | possibly even you should you choose to pursue the Bonnacon | the horrible...
Track Name: Unpaid
Promoter paid and the club owner paid and the sound guy is paid and the door guy is paid | the agent is paid and the staff is all paid and the headliner’s paid and we stay unpaid | virtual reality, non-reciprocated dependency | non-tangible, non-viable, plain out undesirable | unpaid | guarantee out the door | never heard of no more | what’s this half-priced beer shit and no meal ticket | all in the past, happened so fast | glad we came to your house to entertain you for free | unpaid
Track Name: I Don't Own Anything
I don’t own anything | I won’t pay you to pretend that I do | not a commodity | I don’t own shit, I won’t own shit | I don’t own anything | and they won’t own me no | not a commodity | not an indentured servant | I don’t own anything | can’t sell me on a dream | not a commodity | not a volunteer for your sake | words and laws meaningless
Track Name: Epic March
That crippling eclipse is our silhouette in the sun | this aggregate tirade is an epic march | advance boots | debauch and drill | forge ahead | stomp and hoof | move out | pound | step and mount | range | progress and proceed to take | denounce your god | unlearn false truths | take back the earth | command your epic march | slay the albatross of guilt and debt | rebuild the moral code | this is the epic march